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Originally Posted by Buckster
I am about to start playing with the suspension and was wondering what other folk had set theirs up to, I weigh about 200lbs, I think I need to up the front pre-load and the rear pre-load and maybe rear re-bound.
Adventures are under sprung for a 200 pounder. (Hell, they are under sprung for a 180 pounder) Without changing springs... you will need to up the compression a bit and back off on the rebound.
Why? As I said, the springs are a bit too soft a specification; you'll need to up the compression damping to compensate. As to the rebound... you need to reduce damping... to compensate.
The rear especially, will "pack up" over stutter bumps and ridges if you don't back off rebound.

Try it... what do you have to lose?

If your riding in anything other than sand, slide the forks up in the trees about 10-15mm, bike will steer better.

So... how's tricks?
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