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DAY 1 - Boise to Salt Lake City

The morning was a brisk 38 degrees yet sunny so it didnít feel too cold. I wore an REI undershirt, long sleeve pullover shirt, BMW RP2 suit with liner and long underwear. The bike was loaded with my wifeís riding gear and helmet (she took the sidecase inner bag with her.) I slabbed it to Hammett and took old highway 30 all the way to Declo, then 77 to Malta and 81 into Snowville, UT. Slab again to Salt Lake City.

Along the Snake River outside Hammett

It was cold enough to freeze the water as it sprinkled the pasture land. I made it just in time before it completed a full circle. Icicles were actually forming upright off the grass.

Another pasture being watered in the cool morning air along the Snake River close to Hagerman.

The snow covered hills outside Albion were nice as I gained altitude. I really like taking the back roads and I try to avoid the interstate whenever I can, even though it can take me miles out of my way.

The snow was starting to disappear as I approached Malta and the temps were coming up around 46 degrees.

I pulled over at the Utah border to make sure my wife got checked in ok at the Boise Airport. About 30 minutes later along the I-15 I felt my cell phone buzzing in my pocket and I thought maybe something was wrong, so I pulled over as far to the right on the interstate as I could without dropping off the shoulder. I stopped the engine, took off my gloves and placed my helmet over the left mirror.

I called back (no problems) and as I leaned a bit to the left to put my phone back in my pocket, a semi flew by and the tailwind forced the bike to lean to the right. By the time I could grab the bars, the bike was too far over and I just couldn't hold it and down we went. My helmet catapulted off the mirror and rolled down the embankment as I lay there on my side thinking, "don't you ever pull off the side of an interstate to make a phone call again!" I hate riding the slab!

I got up and retrieved my helmet (thankfully, no scratches on the shield) and noticed the part connecting the shield to the helmet was missing. After a couple minutes I found it and reattached the part and started to take some of the gear off the bike so I could upright the beast. It wasn't the first time I lifted a partially loaded bike so it was really no problem other than balancing the bike as I walked around to the left side to lower it on the stand. All the while, no one stopped to see if I was ok, just cars and trucks blasting by. I re-loaded, took a deep breath hoping this wasn't an omen, and continued on down I-15 to SLC.

Made it to the airport to pick up my wife. We stayed at a local airport hotel and prepared to start the real photo adventure tomorrow. Stayed tuned. Southern Utah is fantastic!

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