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Thursday, Sept. 25: Day 3

A little drizzle started in after we broke camp and we were on the road by 7:30. We’d follow 101 for good many hours today and we needed to make Concord, CA to stay with Marc’s cousin.

Had to stop for photo session with me (Paul) and that other guy named the same.

Then there’s that tree you can drive through.

Elderly guy from Kentucky wanted to take our photo as we both rode through the tree.

Then it was ride, ride, ride. The redwoods are impressive and I have my first ever MRE: veggie pasta! (Marc’s military days). Not too bad.

An hour north of San Francisco we’re humming along with traffic when we near road construction. A second of non-attentiveness and suddenly I find myself caught in a 2 inch deep, half foot wide trench in the middle of the road doing about 65 mph. Woah Nelly! Where did that come from? I pushed sharply to the right on the handlebar and the front tire bit, climbed over the ridge and I was back on smooth pavement again. Whew! Felt like I dodged a bullet as I’ve had the same thing happen to me at a slower speed on a bicycle and fell right over.

We’ve long left the forests behind and I’m starting to take in familiar southwest signs: oliander blossoms, canals, brown hills and the smell of dry air! Feels good as it takes me back to my Arizona days. We make our stop over by 6:00pm and we’re tired of being in the saddle, happy to be somewhere where we’ll spend two nights. Time for me to finally buy a new camera maybe!

Day 3: 359 miles; Crescent City to Concord, CA
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