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more on the blueAnt...

Originally Posted by HowlingMad
I will cross post this in the current BlueAnt equipment forum as well.

Blue Ant Interphone

  • Works well, clear communication for us up to about 55 mph (largely dependent on wind noise, helmet type, etc)
Its worthy to note that we both had either plugs or in-ear headphones that affected the sound / loudness. For me, I was wearing a pair of qJays and it was tricky to have a conversation above 40-45 mph. I never managed to turn on the volume-boost on my unit to compensate - I know John had his enabled, but his battery didn't last as long as mine. I'd say wearing plugs cut the loudness by 40% vs. no plugs at all.

Also, I had the following experience using the blue ant for phone calls:
  • With my Blackberry 7130, it paired up just fine but I could only hear if I was stopped on the bike. For some reason I could not get the volume high enough when paired with this phone.
  • With my HTC Touch Dual, it also paired up easily and was 30-40% louder than when paired with my blackberry. I drove on city streets in Rapid City with speeds up to 50 mph, with no plugs in, and had an amazingly clear conversation with my mom. She had no clue I was driving the bike and I didn't miss a word!!
Overall, I really like this blue ant. I do think its a shame the parts for these are not easy to get.
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