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Friday, Saturday, Sept 26-27: Days 4-5

Spent the day Friday going over the bikes and making sure things looked good. Marc finally fixed the soft saddle bag corner which his muffler had melted on Day 1. Shoe Goo seemed to fill the gap nicely enough. We went looking for some hand guards for Marcís bike and he spent the evening installing those while I went to searching for a camera. Somehow, I managed to lose my old one which did have 5 or 6 pics on it before it quit working, and we got ready to head out again on Saturday. First we took in Marcís nieceís soccer game Saturday morning then we finally got started about 2:30 after lunch.

We picked our way through traffic heading south out of Concord and eventually made it to Hiway 5, the slab we were trying to avoid by heading over to the coast in N California. We ride till it starts getting dark, not sure if we were going to camp or do a hotel for the first time. We make it to Kettlemen City and since thereís not a lot out there we find a campground. Our first real hot day of riding. But the night promises to be pleasant and it was.

When we originally planned out the trip, we thought we would be in San Diego by Saturday night, and we were a good deal away from that. Thoughts of just how far I was going to be able to go with Marc were popping up. I had made an ADVRIDER contact in San Diego who said I could leave my bike at his house if I wasnít going to be able to make it back to Portland on time for my sisterís wedding, so that was nice to know. But still I didnít commit to buying a ticket to flying back because I didnít want to plug into something that might change later. That would turn out to be a good move.

Our campsite (we need to start earlier if camping! Setting up in the dark isn't that fun)

Day 5: 195 miles; Concord to Kettlemen City, CA
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