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Originally Posted by 12ride
We met this couple at Elkhorn Hot Springs the day after we came down Fleecer. They told us they had a website and one of the riders with me on this trip found it.

Here is a view from two peddle bike riders who thought they would ride up Fleecer.

Oh looks like they went around Lava Mt. Trail #244 (not sure but think they would have had to carry up it too.)
Were you the guys we let into the bathroom, or the group of two we chatted with the previous evening?

I generally believe I can ride up anything... until I prove to myself otherwise (which is often the case and definitely the case with Fleecer). Downhill on Fleecer would be a nice little challenge, but not so bad.

We did not go around Lava Mt Trail. It was one of the best sections of the GDMBR. I was able to ride (with Bob trailer) all but the very first steep/bouldered pitch. We ran into another group of moto-guys right at Lava who told us the next 15 miles were nasty like that. I don't think they were following the directions correctly because it got easy very soon.

Interesting to see so many friendly moto-guys out on the route. If you're riding in the many waterless sections please check with any cyclists to see if they have enough. Things can get desperate at times when you only have your legs to power you.

I saw there is a page with GPS data and such from someone's trip. I will have to check that out. Mine is in progress (we ride slower, so we put pages together slower too) :
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