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Originally Posted by InsuredDisaster
I will admit, though your ride report doesn't have a lot of pictures in it, and half of it is only loosely about motorcycles or even riding, I really like your report. The challange you face, and the sollution in the form of a CF viola is quite interesting. And being in China and on their internet, my connection usually times out before 1/3 of some of these more pictury reports are loaded up, so I get text only reports anyway.

I certainly look forward to reading more of your report.
I'm glad you like the report so far, it's very much about motorcycles and is gonna start having lots of pics soon, I just gotta get through the overture before the show can begin!

I just missed a chance to visit China, I'm looking forward to seeing some of that part of the world soon, mb in about a year. The Chinese are way into strings!
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