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Originally Posted by Renner
That bike has some serious long-range chops, Hardwaregrrl.

And lines of perspective in the pic are virtually vertigo-inducing.
The difference between mine and Hardwaregrrl's is an interesting contrast - as much as the background!

I like that setup Hardwaregrrl - how much does the tank hold? I have often thought of converting the ST into an adventurer. The biggest off-road challenge - or fear - is the deep oil pan they came with. It drops well below the frame cradle. A guy I know reportedly holed his pan going across some grass. Front wheel dropped into a hole and the pan smacked a rock. As he motored along he cooked the bottom end. Ouch! I could always swap it out for a standard pan and put a guard on, but I appreciate the deep pan at the same time. So she stays a street tourer for now.

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