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Monday, Sept 29: Day 7

Since we donít have much to do till 11:00 when Marc will have his alarm system looked at, I go for a stroll around San Clemente, heading down hill towards the beach, new camera in hand.

Any of you wanting to get rid of one might want to visit this guy:

I see a three bedroom house for sale, 1600 square feet, simple design, and I try to guess itís asking price. I figure this is LA area, prolly 500 grand. Whoops! A little low, as it was Ďreducedí to $725,000. Suddenly $4,500 for my 07 KLR w/ saddlebags and tank bag feels like a steal somehow.

I make it to the pier and have a fun time taking in the views. The ocean water temp is warming up too!

At 11:00 we find out the mechanic isnít coming in today but the guy at the shop recommends a friend and so we check out of the hotel and by 12:30 itís being looked at. John confirms that the remote start function of the alarm system is causing the problem, finds the right wire that controls just that function, and snip! Problem is apparently solved. Itís 1:30 and we decide to have lunch.

Over our meal I tell Marc that Iím not too crazy about returning to Oregon the same way (hiway 5), that it looks like the way things are going, Iíll get to enter Baja for all of two, maybe three days, and then have to turn back. I ask him if heís willing to rethink things: how about we head east on hiway 8 towards Arizona. The attraction for me is that I have lots of friends and some family from my 9 years I lived in the Phoenix area and I would at least go to Hermosillo with him before I would turn back, and maybe even to Bahia de Kino, or all the way to Puerto Vallarta. I think he liked the idea of someone helping him with the Spanish and we were having lots of fun riding together so he said letís go for it. So by 2:30 weíre heading south again, we skirt past San Diego, and head east for Yuma. As we climb the hills the temps are still pleasant.

But when we come down from the above area, we descend from 4000 feet to a little below sea level and the temps soar to 100 plus, but Iím caught up in a wave of euphoria as the dry heat reminds me of fun times in AZ. Right before Yuma we pull over for some sunset pics:

Motel 6 has a pool for only $44 a night, so we jump at that and into the pool. I think weíre both really happy at this point with our change of direction. Tomorrow we enter Mexico, finally!

Total miles: 227 miles: San Clemente, CA to Yuma, AZ
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