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Tuesday, Sept 30: Day 8

Last night, out of curiosity, I checked airline flights one-way from Puerto Vallarta to Portland and $215 isn’t bad! Hmmm. What to do? I could go to Hermosillo or maybe Bahia de Kino, stay a night or two, and then head back north and prolly still have time to make Portland by the 7th, or I could call my friend in Puerto Vallarta to see if I can still leave the bike with him for a few months until I get the chance to fly back for it to ride home. I call my friend and he says no problem. So now I can do either one, it’s more of a question of what I want to do. I woke up several times in the night, my brain working overtime.

In the morning we get up excited because, whatever my decision, we’re going into Mexico today! It’s already in the high 80s by 8:00.

Marc’s rear tire is looking more worn each day and we spend the morning looking for a replacement to take along just in case, but no luck finding one. We head south on 95 for San Luis, the border crossing. Marc pulls into a Walmart just before San Luis because he wanted to see if they had a guide book for Mexico--we had one for Baja, but not for the rest of the country. While he goes in, I stay with the bikes. I notice my temp gauge is reading higher than normal, and the radiator cooling fan that normally stays on after shutting the bike down for a few minutes is not running.

I start the bike and watch the temp needle creep past the mid-way point, then it keeps going to hot and the fan never comes on.

We’re about to enter Mexico and cross northern Sonora on Mexico hiway 2 through the desert with temps forecast to hit 105 and my radiator fan decides to quit. I give Marc the news and since it’s nearing noon I come to the decision that we must…eat! Hadn’t eaten at McDonalds in years, but the AC feels great. We decide to return to Yuma where there are dealerships just in case. The bike at hiway speeds maintains decent cooling and so we return OK.

Back in Yuma we pull over at a coffee shop and I take a look at the fuses after pulling all the luggage off--they look good. Marc is connected and so I go to where I have a contact or two. One of them is online and I have his phone number. He answers and gives me some suggestions to test whether it’s the fan itself or not. Meanwhile, Marc is paging through my service manual and asks me again about the fuses. I tell him they’re good and he asks me specifically about the fuse for the fan. What? I ask. He points out there is a different fuse just for the fan. Oh really? (All you KLR owners can groan now). We pull off the reservoir cover and find the fan fuse. It looks…good…no, there’s a hairline crack! We replace it and start the bike up, letting it get nice and warm. Fan kicks on!! Yes!

Is it good or isn't it?

Did I mention it's 104 right now?

Me thinks it's blown...

Thoughts of having to end the trip prematurely vanish and we’re on our way…back to Motel 6 because it’s 4:00pm and too late to cross the border today. Later while on-line, I discover that blown radiator fan fuses are a common ocurrence for KLRs. One more day swallowed up.

But we’re both happy to be able to continue the ride together and this difficulty seals the decision for me--I’ll go to Puerto Vallarta with Marc and worry about how to get the bike home later!

Total miles: 60; Yuma and then back to Yuma!
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