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What a hell of a suprise....

My starter clutch went and I finally found the time today to take a quick look at what might be happening.

I took off the engine casing which hold the stator and found bolt heads stuck to the fly wheel mixed in with metal chips and pieces of the copper coil on the stator.


Here is a pretty good image of what it looks like:

Anyways...I need to take the flywheel off the see the rest of the damage.
Anyone know the size of the nut on the crankshaft?

I also don't have air tools here so any thoughts on keeping the crank from spinning to get the crank nut off?

I already have the puller which i found online for $25. I'm just hoping there might be an easier solution (rather than air gun or KTM OEM spanner tool).


So it looks like I need a new stator, new flywheel (as its really chewed up), and probably a new hub which holds the starter clutch. From what I could see all the bolts that held the hub to the flywheel broke off.
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