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I just can't stress enough how gorgeous it is up here on the northern end of lake superior. Just breathtaking, and the people never let me down. I had so many people asking me questions every time I stopped. No one even looked at me in the states, and the funny thing about the Canadians, they thought I was nuts to be riding at this time of the year!! I'm not staying, just passing through.!! Maybe it was because I'm a woman and I'm by myself, but that didn't feel like the reason, I just think they thought I was nuts. But boy, they kept me company, I never felt like I was alone will in Canada. Anyway, I made it to Thunder Bay and found my way to Excalibur. Those guys were on it straight away. I explained the situation and that I needed to get home under my own power and not a U-Haul. Well, they are pretty limited in BMW airhead knowledge, but made up for it in a McGuyver way!!! Larry, the owner, welcomed me with open arms and then had to leave to play hockey. You Crazy Cannucks!! And Billy and his service boys came up with this crazy idea...battery
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