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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi
With all the references, do you prefer Classical over Baroque or Romantic? I myself prefer 20th Century, but that's me...

I play the Violin, I suppose that if we trolled a bit we could put together an Adv. Rider Stringed Quartet!!!

I could see it now, we'd get paid to bring culture to the various Rally's!!!
A lot of musicians give this answer when asked a question like yours: My favorite piece of music is the one I'm working on right now. I think this is true for me too, I enjoy playing all kinds of styles and periods of music, including baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century, modern, rock, jazz (I kinda suck at jazz, but it's fun to try!).

Hmmm, an ADV quartet you say??? That could be cool, legitimize this motley crew, eh? I think finding a cellist willing to carry the instrument on a moto over long distances might be a trick... Side-car hacks?
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