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Originally Posted by viola-tor
PEAK PERFORMANCE!!! -ormance... -ormance... -ormance...

Great pic! Front page material, IMHO. And at a distance that sure is a dark looking fiddle. BTW, my only carbon fiber experience happened a couple of years ago. I was getting both of my bows rehaired and the store let me borrow a Coda bow. I think Coda went out of their way to make it look "wood-like" because it sure looked "normal." As I recall there were three Coda viola bows priced at something like $300, $500, and $800 respectively. I borrowed the $800 bow and thought it was a heckuva stick. If, for whatever the reason, I needed to buy a new bow I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Coda bow. Interestingly, not unlike your experience, when at rehearsal I'd tell people that I was using a carbon fiber Coda bow, everyone had to try it, look at it, hold it, etc...!

Originally Posted by josjor
How many string players does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just one, but another dozen of them will sit around and complain because its electric.
Good one. I've seen a bunch of electric violins, but a few months ago I was getting something or another at a north Dallas music store and saw an electric viola. Neat looking instrument. They let me plug it into a couple of speakers and I sawed away. Very cool!
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