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Originally Posted by streetfighter2
I ride a ducati monster S2R 2005 and an airhead R80ST 1983, switching back and forth, every other days - albeit, comparatively speaking, not apple to apple... I must say, technologies play a very small factor(for my application, which is commuting, and street riding)...definitely not big enough for me to stop riding my R80ST. As the matter fact, my wife prefer to ride on the back of my airhead over the duck, due to the comfort factor...I love them both, depend on my day is the blond, next day is the brunette....only if I can figure out how to ride both of them at the same time...

My wife has a Buell XB12S with the factory "race kit". Puts out 50% more power than my R90S. I feel like I grow little red horns on my forehead when I ride it...

Point-to-point though, for longer distances, and around town, I'd much rather ride the R90S. The Buell has a heavier clutch, clunkier gearbox and a less comfortable seat/footpeg relationship compared to the R90S. Admittedly I've replaced the flywheel & clutch assembly in the R90S with the later post '82 items, along with the gearbox internals and "cush" driveshaft, but all the same I prefer the way the BMW does things. Refinement is not one of the Buell's strong suits.

On real roads with ordinary riders the Buell doesn't have the huge edge one might expect with the benefit of 30 years development. On a track, things are different.....
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