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My fall BRP ride with my R90/6!

I bought this 1975 R90/6 about 6 months ago and for the most part this bike has hardly been 20 miles away from home. The first couple of months there was something to fix every time I rode it. I replaced/fixed several seals, oil leaks, brakes, fuel lines and carburetors. So after working on it, I have steadily gained more confidence with it. I own a 07 F800st that is my weekend/trip bike, so the R90 is for the everyday work/errand stuff. My goal for the R90 before winter was to get it to the point mechanically, that I could ride it to the Blue Ridge Parkway and back. So after riding it for a few weeks in a row with no issues and some fine tuning/tweaking, I felt the R90 was ready for the trip. After packing tools, manual, anonymous book and zip ties, I headed for the BRP.

Here is the R90 in the Driveway loaded up with my new helmet.

After riding some of my favorite roads, I made it to the top of NC181 to a small gas station that caters to motorcyclist. Some of the owners of the store own several newer triumphs. You can get a decent meal, watch a MotoGP race and talk to other motorcyclist while you are there. I was impressed with the R90 as I as coming up the mountain! There are several places to pass going up 181 and I had no problems moving trough the traffic, I might have even dragged a toe or two while navigating some of the turns.
At this point the R90 is doing great! Everything is sounding the way it should and I love riding this bike when the turns get tight. I really can’t get enough of it. Seeing the bike is only a couple years younger than me, I always feel I am getting away with something that I shouldn’t. Like I shouldn’t be having this much fun on a bike this old. However, I am having a blast.

So after getting a hamburger and fries, I am on the BRP! We made it! I have been on the road for about 2.5 hours and the leaves are just amazing. I am also excited that I am not in any pain. This bike has what I believe are called euro bars and it keeps me leaned over farther that the F800st.

Here are a few pics of the colors and the R90. I must say riding this bike on the BRP is a lot of fun. My bike has this great sound in 5th gear running around 50mph. I can’t explain it well, but I guess it reminds me of my friends old Cessna. It is also surprising how much protection this fairing offers with no buffeting. The temps so far have been averaging about 65F and I stayed comfortable through out the ride.

Once getting off the BRP, the next road is hwy 221. This is a good road with a multitude of hairpin turns. The R90 is a blast to ride on this road, it just seems to be at home here.

Lastly after 300 miles and 7.5 hours later, I made it home without an issue. The R90 didn’t skip a beat and was just a pleasure to ride. I started to suffer with back and wrist pain the last hour or so, but I am happy with that. I am also thrilled that the bike made it without any issues. I was worried the first couple of months after I bought the bike about keeping it running. Other than maintenance, I haven’t turned a wrench on it in a couple of months. Everyday it starts right up and runs all day long. So it looks like a multi-day trip is next for the R90.

Hope you enjoyed the report, Dean

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