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Originally Posted by The Obstruction
The Viola-on-the-Mountain pic really is great. I also love your solution to the musical-instrument-outdoors problem. I did a bit of checking after I saw this thread and found that there really are a lot instruments becoming available in carbon fiber (I found guitars, mandolins, bagpipes, flutes, even a didgeridoo). It's too bad that people in your field can't have more of an open mind about things like that though. I mean, if it sounds the same or better, what's the problem? Even that cello guy Yo-Yo ma has a carbon fiber cello.

Look at it this way, CF isn't going away, so you're just ahead of the curve!
Yeah man! Yo-Yo's CF cello is the same Luis and Clark model that my viola is. I'm in good company! I must admit that this picture helped in part to make up my mind:

He's the closest thing classical music has to a rock star. And he deserves it. Great guy.

Where'd you find the CF flutes? I new about guitars and mandolins, plus some percussion instruments are starting to use carbon fiber too, but I'm really interested in other orchestral instruments (you know, the snooty ones ). I was surprised to hear about the clarinets, apparently it's some sort of CF chips molded together, like particle board I guess. A trumpet player friend of mine suggested that making the bells of brass instruments might be logical place to experiment for that family.

Ahead of the curve... I like that!

More great pics coming (even better!), check back from time to time!

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