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Originally Posted by brfinley
OMG! Were there children involved?

I actually have an involved child myself. My 15 yo daughter plays a wooden viola here in Davis. There is an amazing music program here in the public schools. We also have a really nice place for you to come and practice (the Mondavi Center at UC Davis).

Your story is fascinating already. You Go!

Tell her to keep practicing! String instruments have a steep learning curve, but the longer you play the better it gets... (like most things)

I'd love to come visit! Maybe UC Davis would be interested in me doing some masterclasses and/or carbon fiber viola demos?

Originally Posted by SpitfireTriple
I had a gf once who played the violin. I sensed that the difference between motorcyclists and musicians is that motorcyclists regard their bike as a mate, sometimes even their best mate. Musicians on the other hand, seem to regard their instruments almost as lovers.... You will no more about this than me.
Hmmm, I don't know about lovers... But those nights in the tent keeping the viola warm are memorable! The thing about Black Death that is so cool is that it's merely a tool. I don't have to be wrapped up in it's care and health, I can just play the damn thing, any time, anywhere, no problem. It's kinda refreshing. A dual-sport viola!

Originally Posted by SpitfireTriple
The red bug you saw might be a red velvet mite/spider. Your photo is better than anything I found on the net.

Just as well you didn't try to eat it though
Oh, well, good thing it didn't cross my mind to put it in my mouth! I think the one I saw was bigger than the mite you looked up, but it could be a Texas sized version, 'cause everything's bigger in _______... Thanks for researching!

Originally Posted by mistercindy
I've seen a bunch of electric violins, but a few months ago I was getting something or another at a north Dallas music store and saw an electric viola. Neat looking instrument. They let me plug it into a couple of speakers and I sawed away. Very cool!
Interestingly one of the first questions I'm often asked about the Black Death is "is it electric?" Ummm, no, full on acoustic baby! I suppose it's radical appearance resembles and electric guitar body. I too got to try a Yamaha electric viola the other day, I think it was the "silent" electric that you plug headphones into to practice and you could also out to an amp. I wasn't impressed, the neck and scroll were cheap-o and the sound was not very nice in the earphones, but I suppose a nice amp with EQ could solve a lot of that. Which did you try?
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