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Originally Posted by relayda
[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=white]Are you talking from actual experience or just observation?
I'm just going on what was said previously. I have ridden newer bikes besides the R11S I've owned since 2001.

Look at the land speed record that Burt Munro set on his 1920s Indian that still stands. But that's straight line stuff. He also won a lot of races on that old Indian before turning it into a Bonneville racer - and that was against new bikes.

I'm not arguing that new technology isn't nice - my R11S does just about everything better than my old airheads, but for the real world riding that I do, I prefer the older technology. On the other hand, the older bikes can be made to perform as well as the newer ones with upgraded brakes, suspension, frame strengthening and all that. The question is how much time and money are you willing to pour into a project like that?

No, all I was saying was that if the vintage bikes were clocking times that would qualify them for the super bike grid, that should be proof enough.
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