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Originally Posted by SpitfireTriple

I wonder if many classical musicians are subconsciously anti- carbon fibre because they are too heavily "invested" in their woods. Anyone who spent $50k on a fancy old (wooden) viola/in is not going to want to believe that a $5k carbon fibre can do the job.
That may be part of it, sure. I recently played my CF viola at a concert and shared the stage with Strad violin worth 2.5 million dollars. Like I said earlier, it's more about the player than the instrument, and most players know this. I've gotten into some interesting philosophical discussions with other string players about instruments and instrument making... Oy. My Black Death is NOT a Stradivarius viola, and doesn't sound like one (I can't claim that it does), but it IS a perfectly playable quality viola with many attractive attributes, mainly that it's so tough for my applications (plus I can't afford a Strad or other Italian equivalent). I'm pretty sure if Antonio Stradivarius was alive today he would be experimenting with diff. materials and designs to try to make his instruments even better (just like he did during his time), maybe even carbon fiber!
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