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Bahía de Kino to Alamos

Saturday, Oct 4: Day 12

Sad to say goodbye to Bahía de Kino, but time to move on. We’re on the bikes by 7:30 and we head south on 24 towards Guaymas. After a stretch we switch bikes and the immediate difference is that Marc’s Honda has no fairing which I like. The KLR fairing directs the airflow up and under my helmet so that I get air rushing into my left ear which I’ve had to wear a plug for. And the Honda has brakes! I left my KLR brakes stock and they do not inspire confidence.

After 4 hours we arrive at Navojoa where we take a left towards Alamos. We begin to climb and there’s more desert vegetation, quite pretty. After 50 minutes we’re almost there when we pass a pick-up way overloaded with firewood and it has a flat. After a ¼ mile I pull over and ask Marc if we shouldn’t go back and offer a hand, we’ve got the time. The owner of the truck appears surprised, but happy that two gringos should pull over to help out, and he gives us a big smile as we shake hands. No sooner do we look at the tire when a friend of his happens by and pulls over as well. Pickup owner tells us his friend will be able to help out just fine. He thanks us again---at least we tried to do our good deed.

At the Pemex station entering Alamos we stop to ask about a certain hotel. We take off coats and backpacks because of the heat, glad to be able to be rid of them for a few minutes. Back on the bikes, we find a nice hotel for $500 pesos and it’s right in the heart of downtown. After unloading things I look for my backpack…I look more…and some more. Marc, you seen my backpack?


I go back to where we parked the bikes, back to reception, outside where we first stopped to see the hotel. Nowhere in sight. Great. What did it have? Maps, books. Hey, no money! Still got all my ID / papers. Hey there wasn’t really all that much, food, water….uh-oh…the title to my bike. And my brand new camera with all my photos!!! There goes my road report!

Unbelievable. I know nobody stole it. I must have left it…at the Pemex???? I ride the mile back to the Pemex (an hour later now) knowing that this is a waste of time. I arrive, get off bike…and there it is!

My backpack is sitting on a bench right in front of the Pemex station. I’m almost afraid to look inside. I open it up and all my stuff is there. I know I didn’t leave the backpack on the bench. I must have set it on the ground by my bike and rode away forgetting to put it on. Someone prolly saw me leave it and left it on the bench knowing I would come back sooner or later. Thank you whoever did that. I like to think it was the pick-up driver for whom we had stopped to help out. It could happen…

The rest of the day we stroll around Alamos, me, gratefully, taking pictures of the beautiful town...

We find a lovely mom and pop restaurant and make plans for the last two days of riding!

Total miles: 268; Bahía de Kino to Alamos
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