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Now, I'm not one to usually ask for help. I am pretty pigheaded and I really can throw my small size around pretty good. Been in construction for 15 years and I can hold my own with the best of them. But shit, I was really tired and came pretty close to breaking down. Can you believe 5 people drove by me and didn't stop or even call out the window to see if I was okay?! Is this what cagers expect to see out of a motorcyclist, or are they all as blind as we suspect. I got to a little argument with my sister about health insurance while I was visiting in Michigan. She constantly bitches at me about getting ins. I try to explain the costs are staggering and I'm not married to someone who works in hospital that provides their employees wonderful health insurance. I also stated that until I get a straight answer about coverage in the event of a motorcycle crash by an insurance agent, I'm not going to pay upwards of 400$/month if it isn't going to do dick for me!!! She doesn't blame them a bit for denying us coverage. She actually stated this: "When I see a 'biker' going 80mph on the highway, I think he's asking for it! So I don't blame Insurance companys one bit for not covering you!!" I really hate ignorance. I knew I smelled something.
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