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Ok, I got it, kinda. I left too late, and all my pics are in the dark. I couldn't get a shot of the dam from the same point as the tag owner, so I technically failed...the gate was shut at sundown and I was there with my "standing in the corona of the sun" Hella's on full blast. I DID get a shot of the lit-up power station, but not of the dam like Flux.

Second issue, I am heading SOUTH over the weekend, not north. If you guys grant me a tag on this (I'll give the pics if you want them, or you can declare them as invalid, it's ok), the tag will likely head south.

So, it is up to you guys, I'll let you ring in before I show the pics so you can just "reset" the tag or take my submission, knowing the tag will likely go to another part of the state. Let me know what you'd like. :)
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