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Monday, Oct 6: Day 14

We figured we had to ride about 6-7 hours today so we take our time getting ready in the morning. After breakfast we tour the malecón area. I’ve spent a good deal of time in tropical, humid areas in Costa Rica, but the humidity in Mazatlán may just be the stickiest I’ve ever felt. My clothes seem to simply melt. Eyelids stick. Putting the helmet on feels absurd. But the views are very pleasant.

I'm not sure, but it looks like Marc is flipping me off!

By 10:30 we’re on our way. At the gas station several boys ask for some money and I offer them a half full gallon of water which I had just bought to fill my water bottles. They like that and immediately started chugging the cool water. Then I let them start the bike and rev the engine which they like even more. Even though we’re dressed in our mc gear, moving at hiway speeds the heat and humidity are tolerable. One last long stretch riding towards Tepic and there we finally reach hiway 200 which will take us into Puerto Vallarta.

At a road construction area I slow down as the guy is somewhat waving at me to do so. I look at him and motion whether to stop or just slow, and I take his hand signs to slow down, which I do. A few seconds later, the two lane road becomes just one and soon traffic is coming right at me! Woops, I guess he wanted me to stop; confirmed as I don’t see Marc behind me. I pull over quick enough, and then wait for the cars to pass and Marc to join me.

Just 20 more miles to Puerto Vallarta!

We make it to the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta by 5:00 and I call Chava, my friend, who directs us towards the downtown area. We park and call again and within a few minutes he’s there and we’re very happy to see him. He lives only 5 minutes away and soon we’re having dinner at his house.

Our bikes parked outside Chava's house...

It suddenly hits me that we’re done! Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and not have to ride anywhere. I check the odometer on my bike and it reads just over 3,000 miles since we left Portland, two weeks ago. My flight leaves in two days...

Total miles: 265; Mazatlán to Puerto Vallarta
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