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Atlin, B.C.

It's only a two hour ride from Whitehorse to Atlin, but Atlin is in B.C. I first went there about 5 years ago to the Music Festival, and came back telling everyone that I thought it was the prettiest place I've ever been. Didn't see much to make me think otherwise this time.

By the way, there are better shots of it coming. All these ones are taken from downtown. I stopped there first because it was lunchtime and I remembered a fantastic restaurant, but it was all closed up and apparently only opens for a month or two a year. Like most businesses in town they simply can't find staff. It's not that no-one wants to live there, quite the opposite, but Europeans are buying it all up and it is simply that most people can't afford to live there. How do you pay $1000/month in rent if you earn minimum wage at a restaurant?

So I went to the one place that was open, a hardware store/coffee shop and had a cinnamon bun or something. I remember a really cute puppy being parked outside but for some reason didn't take any pics of it. There were a couple of funny signs there, though:

If you're reading this and planning a trip up the Alaska Highway, take the time to stop in at Atlin, you won't regret it. Hopefully by the time you've seen all the pics you'll understand. There's no shortage of places to camp in the bush there, either. And there's gas.


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