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Puerto Vallarta...Portland...?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Oct 7,8: Days 15, 16

Tuesday: Chava's 20 plus roosters start at 3:00am, then again at 5:00 and 7:00. And right outside my window! Actually, they don't bother me too much...

Chava, Marc and I went to have breakfast at one of his favorite places--no gringos, only locals he tells us, well except today!

After we walk around PV looking for Marcís language school. After we locate it Chava has to go to work and so Marc and I roam the downtown area.

We watch the pole flyers...

One of the vendors grabs my attention because he DOESnít call out to us. Heís selling big, beautiful wooden puppets, the kind you make dance with strings--very nicely made. Heís got all the cartoon characters you can imagine--bugs bunny, tweety, bart, batman, e. coyote (ok, he doesnít have roadrunner, I asked). He pulls out speedy gonzalez, and since thatís my wifeís last name, my interest perks up. I always try to buy her something and this looks pretty funny cause her nickname in grade school was just that, speedy. He tells me he handcrafts them, paints them and signs each one. Six months making them, six months selling. He starts out at $30 (carŪsimo, I tell him). I really couldnít pay more than 15. He gives me the ďyouíve got to be kidding meĒ look and starts in again about the quality, that heís the only vendor cause he personally makes these (I believe him, he shows me all his tools, and how he fine tunes them), that 30 isnít that much. I tell him Iíve just ridden two weeks on a motorcycle, that my money is running lowÖHe suggests $25. I say 18, he says no, I walk, he shouts out whatís my best offer, I say 20, he says ďyouíll buy it for $22ď. I say OK. My wife loved it. Man I wish I could regatear more over prices.

It's only 11:00, but like MazatlŠn, it's entirely too hot and humid, so...

I spend the rest of the day packing, deciding what Iíll leave behind and what Iíll take home.

Marc and I discuss just how serious we are about continuing this ride to Costa Rica towards the end of January. We figure weíll need 10 days to 2 weeks at a comfortable pace (From Pvta to CR I did the trip in a week by car a few years back, too quick), and Iíll need to check with my in-laws to see if they could use an extra hand around the farm. Marc will have had 3 months of Spanish by then and should be fairly comfortable with the language. Of course, then Iíll have my bike in Costa Rica and can leave it for future trips in Central America, or maybe even South America. Or I can ride it back home at some point. If Marc decides not to go to CR, then I simply fly back to Puerto Vallarta and ride back home to Portland, this time, I think I DO go back via Baja.

We go out in the evening to a Cuban bar and listen to some good music. Iíll have to bring my wife back to this place, very good chance to dance.

Wednesday: Iím all packed and I just need to prep my bike before leaving at noon. I change the oil, oil the chain and Iíll leave every / anything else for when I return. I ride it over to Chavaís brotherís house and there it sits, waiting for me.

We decide it's finally time to take a photo of the two of us together...

One last hug goodbye!

On my way to the airport I see a big boat...

Suerte con el espaŮol, Marc!

Total miles: 0; Puerto Vallarta, return to be continued
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