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My first trip to Atlin I was in my wee Honda Civic and I hadn't bought my bike yet. This time I made the most of the opportunity, checking out all the dirt roads in the area. Most of the roads around there are unpaved and there's some good exploring to do.

There are lots of small mining claims around there - mostly gold mines. The majority of them are small mom and pop operations, but a few are surprisingly big, and most seemed to have recent (or current) activity.

I decided to do a little panning of my own using my mess kit and even found a small nugget! Here - I took a photo of it having named it and made a sign to commemorate the occasion with:

I explored several of the roads, but there were many leading off in all directions. Some came to dead ends at mines, some I never found the end of. At one stage I came to a much larger operation, so big that I parked the bike and went into the security shack to ask what it was all about. Buddy told me it was a molybdenum mine, and about to employ several hundred people. I wasn't allowed to go any further up that road because of mining activity, but the chap was a nice guy and he came outside to check out my bike and told me about a friend of his who had a BMW that he took off road all the time. A GS, I presume.

It's a beautiful are and I only wish I could afford to buy a place there. As it turns out, I can - but it needs some work...

I think that's known as a 'fixer-upper' in the biz.

Here's a shot of downtown.

Here's a pic that shows the road in to Atlin, following along beside the lake - it's very, very sweet!

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