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415.8 kilometres in the Kiwi Sun (Or how Shaggie had the perfect Sunday…)

Hmmmm….looks like a(nother) gorgeous Christchurch spring day!

Boomshanka awaits

Wife and son happily occupied for the day = J for everyone!

Thru the semi dozing Sunday morning streets…not the 9am departure I had envisaged but 0945 pretty good for me! Decided to leave the Widder vest at home as I was so warm just getting ready to leave….maybe not the best idea in the world but I wasn’t actually cold on the trip just a bit cool at times….

First decent length ride for quite a long time and was thinking about exactly how ride fit I was – expected to have old man’s aches before the day was out but more on this later.

I have to figure out a way to shoot pics on the fly but until then, you’ll have to put up with a lack of digital media proof of my journey north until this point:

North of Woodend Hwy 1

The hills are looking very green – evidence of a wet winter – but the spring so far has been pretty good

The Clarence River flowing to the East Coast. The Clarence is 160kms in length and rises in the Spencer Mountain Range, a large part of the river flows through the Molesworth Station, NZ’s largest farm at approx 500,000 acres

The Clarence for most of its length flows between the Inland and Seaward Kaikoura mountain ranges, here’s my first view of the Seawards:

This cool dead tree is near Hawkswood on Hwy 1 – it’s even more spooky at dawn with the still-to-rise sun behind it….

Oh the pain! Oh the trauma! Oh the…who am I kidding? Yeehaa!! At the start of the Hunderlee’s

Did I say already that it was a pretty darn good day? Looking South at Puketa

There are two sets of paired one way tunnels on the coast South of Kaikoura…I normally test the sound enhancing qualities of this first pair….;-) – the second pair going north has a sharp left hander at the end so caution and my lamentable forgetfulness in not packing a towel and togs means I behave in that one….

I expected to get fuel and some kai at The Cave Store just a couple of k’s before Kaikoura proper but it’s obviously been too long since I’ve fueled up there…no more pumps! So a quick nip into Kaikoura fill’s the hungry VTR. I’ve been seeing dozens of other motorbikes all day, wonder what’s been going on….

Back at The Cave to grab something to stick in my tank bag to eat and drink further up the road, I met John (Hi John!) originally from Ireland and now from just north of London…he’s been touring the South Island for the past 3 weeks on a VTec VFR800 from and had a great time by the sound of things. No pics of John or the bike I’m sorry but I did tell him about ADVRider and gave him my business card with the web address on the back so hopefully he’ll turn up here for a looksee! Hope you enjoyed the cave tour mate!

I’d passed my intended turn off (and the reason for coming on this ride in the first place) about 3 or 4 k’s back towards Christchurch, Hwy 70, the hallowed ‘Inland Road’….(insert angels with trumpets music):

I was intending to stop at the first rest area I found to have my Kiwi cordon bleu extravaganza but none materialized but as it turned out, this was for the best, as I found this:

A wide spot on the side of the road by a river, with a gentle breeze and the serenity (Ahhhh the SERENITY) of lamb(chops on the hoof)s calling to their mum’s…seems this must have been a rest area at some stage as there was the remains of a fireplace which seemed the perfect place to unveil The Lunch

It was a spot to invoke deep thoughts about us, the world, the mysteries of the Universe, why are we here and other pertinent questions like just how badly will Winnie get his arse whipped in the forthcoming NZ elections (my answer: not anywhere NEAR as hard as he deserves) Edit: seems he did!

....AND it was a bloody good sausage roll! J

Back on the road and heading southwest I cross over the Conway (here looking east)

And am confronted by this

Now just a wee note for our non-Antipodean readers (or those of you who haven’t ridden here anyway), the two pics I’ve shown you warning of impending twisties might well suggest that these were the only twisties that we had on this trip….fear not my friends, had you ridden these fair isles you would know that there’s very little in the way of really straight bits (for any distance anyhow) and these signs are actually warning of REALLY TWISTY bits – which is saying something down here!

I was NOT misled!

Due to a combination of fallen rock and windblown tree bits on the road for a fair proportion of Hwy 70 and given that it had been quite a few years (I’m older than I look…) since I’d last ridden the Inland Road (insert angels with trumpets music) I decided it was sensible to both skin and wallet to proceed with due caution and anyway, the views and road were too bloody marvelous to waste it all by going Warp Factor 7 Mr Sulu.

I happened upon a lovely looking farm called The Doon (not BonnyDoon but ahhhh the SERENITY) where these horses showed great taste and savoir fare by pricking their ears up at the sound of my gently throbbing beast whereas all the other animules throughout the day had run amok at the musical sound of an approaching Boomshanka

Thru the ski village of Mount Lyford and onto the rolling Amuri Plain where the twisties disappeared but it was still picturesque

It was just past here that the road actually did go straight for a while so I gave the old girl her head and she stretched her legs a bit….i cannot recall (Officer) how fast we did go and now that I’ve inadvertently cleared the max speed on the 2610, it’s been lost for eternity….shame! Suffice to say, I don’t need to worry about carbon buildup for a bit anyway so that’s a relief eh!

Homeward bound

That’s a bloody big sprinkler!

Through Culverden, Hurunui and Waikari to the Weka Pass where there’s an historic railway and a stop called Frog Rock (I think you need to close one eye and squint real hard with the other (and a tab of LSD may well be required too)

And home:


I have to confess to a numb bum the last hour or so, as I said, it’d been a while since my last long ish ride and I was NOT ride fit…great ride though in spite of the NB syndrome!

Then, the highlight of the day! My 7 year old son asked if he could go for his first ride on my bike!!! He used to shy away from even the…music it made so I was as pleased as punch! Just around the block and slow slow slow but we both had a fabulous time!


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