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Originally Posted by Foot dragger
They appear to enjoy the pinging and jetting rituals that go along with this sort of tom foolery.....
With all due respect and no offense meant, the difference, as observed by myself when my primary mount was a '79 YZ125 and my YZ490-mounted friend, is those of you that have a bike to ride it, versus those of us that enjoy having a relationship with our bikes.

Different strokes for different folks and all that.

For various reasons, I bought a "gas-and-go" dirt bike this year (well, gas-and-go by my skewed standards), and while I'm enjoying it immensely, I also have this empty spot that misses fiddling with my air-cooled YZ every time I rode it, the ringing of the fins, the unique handling and feel of the classic Monocross chassis, having a better "sense" of what the engine's doing based on how it responds to temperature and such, and so on.

I just feel like I can instantly recognize the same qualities in your friends, Foot dragger, because those of us so-afflicted know who we are and know one of our own. Odd ducks, to be sure.

Originally Posted by Helmet_Hair
The IT's were much easier to live with than the YZ's. Yes they had heavier flywheels for more inertia and chug in the woods. Better spaced gearing for woods riding, and tuned for more low-end. That being said, they are NOT wimpy by any stretch of the imagination. The big bore IT's are absolute animals, they'll climb a tree if there's enough traction. They don't turn real well (long wheel base, heavy) but very ridable 'em!
My problem is I've got a fair amount of seat time on a few different DTs (a '75 250, '78 400, and '74 125), a great deal of seat time on a couple different YZs ('79 125 and '83 490), and a significant interest in the ITs, but no seat time. I just don't have a reading on where the ITs slot in, as far as state of engine tune. No doubt the DTs, especially the 400s, are absolute tractors, but are the IT engines closer to the DT or YZ end of the spectrum? Do the IT490s still rip WFO, or are they a bit short of breath up there, like a DT? How badly would a same year, similar displacement YZ spank an IT in a drag race?

I'd bet that the steering geometry between same year YZs and ITs is the same, and I know plenty well what you mean my slow-turning. I like the stability the lazy geometry provides, and enjoy deliberately muscling the bikes around to make them turn (feeling fast while going slow!). There's nothing like railing the berms on a smooth, fast trail with the good old [non-linkage] Monocross rear suspension. Man, I wish I could swing getting into another old Yamaha, but I just can't justify it right now!

The YZ465s kind of stand out in some ways as the zenith of the YZ400-to-490 progression. Do the same '80-81 IT425/465 similarly stand out among ITs? Or, in other words, those of you who have had the opportunity to sample several ITs, which are your favourites?
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