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Originally Posted by kdscoates

Let's start with defining north Georgia. For this game we are gonna say north of Interstate 20 and south of the north GA border is going to be fair game!!! Only in Georgia!! It can be on a state line but keep your bike in GA.

The game is designed for us to get out and ride. I will post the first pic out of my files, just to get us started. After that you must go to the spot and take a pic of your bike in pretty much the same spot, then find another tag and post the new tag with your clues within 48 hrs. The first one to post the current tag AND the new tag is the winner!!! If you post the current tag and wait until the next day to post the new tag, and someone beats you to it, you lose!! Get the tag and your new tag on the same ride and post them up!!!! If a tag stays up more than 7 days I will declare it unobtainable and post a replacement tag!!!! Post your clues so we can find them!!! The idea is not to stump all of us, but to get us out and riding, and showing off some new places!!!

Rules for the dogs are as follows!!

1. no tags from files... you must ride to get the tag!!!
2. post good clues
3. dirt, gravel,and asphalt are all fair game because we are adv riders, not FL trailer queens, so dirt is in in this tag-a-rama... just no singletrack ,pigpaths, or illegal trails!!!!!
4. have fun and lets keep this thing rolling!!!

I will post the starting tag in a minute!!!!

I hope this works out better than Georgia tag a rama!!!!
Come on DOGs, let's see what you guys got!!!!

Goddamn, that took me almost 10 minutes.
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