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So, gotta back up a bit. while I was at excalibur in Thunder Bay, I had to call my buddies and see what there take on the situation was. I now know what went wrong, but being bymyself having little electrical knowledge, and no voltmeter with me I was just worried about getting home under my own power. I should;ve cracked my BMW anonymous, or my airhead book, but I didn't. Nathan Mende and Dean Graham of Boxerworks in Watkinsville GA are my lifelines. These guys are always on the mark, I've only known them a short while, but consider them very good friends. They tried to get all the info out of me to diagnose the problem. Then walk me through the repair. I have since been given a lesson in airhead electrical managament, and have Rick jones book on order. Okay, back to it. I left Proctor MN bound for Champaign Il. Pretty uneventful ride except for the weather. Again, high 30's and raining, I was stopping quite a bit to warm up my hands and feet. So sorry to all the travelers along highway 53. "Yes, the hand dryers do smell like vinegar." I made it to the next red roof inn in champaign. And, it was homecoming!!! Party city, almost didn't get a room!!! Got the battery off and on charge and headed out for some beer. I walked about a mile and a half to the gas station that didn't sell beer!!! No, no, no,...shit. Now what? Well, theres a steak house? why not. Man, this place was awesome!!! Alexanders steak house at exit 182 of 74, you can cook your own steak?! WTF!! So cook it I did. Hung out with the bartender and manager, and they were very interested in what I had been doing over the last 9 days. I do stick out a bit being so heavily tattooed, so people really like to pick my brain. Formed a little bond with the staff which resulted in them giving me a few bottles of blue moon to go!!! camera
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