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Originally Posted by Skooter
My '09 is extremely cold-natured. Choke knob doesn't seem to allow partial opening's more of an on/off switch. Apparently, a re-jet could fix this cold naturedness(???), but I'm hesitant to do any mods until after a good breakin period. Even at that, I'm quite happy with power output and don't see rejetting for power alone.

Currently, there's a flat spot (more like a brick wall) around 3000rpm, and the engine won't rev past that until it's fully hot....unless it's choked, then it idles around 4000rpm. Thus, I'd like a variable choke as well.

Just got the bike 10 days ago and happy in every way, except for the warmup/choke stuff. And that'll probably get better after breakin.
Mine is the same way. Oddly, a friend bought an identical '09 a week before me, same dealer, same shop setting it up, lives at same altitude as me (5500'). His is only moderately fussy when cold.

I bought the Dynojet kit to see what it does, haven't done it yet. Note that even in the Dynojet docs (if I understood it right) they say that jetting does not change idle mixture or cold start performance. I think that for that you need to drill over the mixture screw cover and play with that. I will start with that, then mess with jetting. Just haven't had a chance the past few weekends.
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