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Uhg, Nevada is heating up.

I figure itíll take me two days to get to Logan, Utah. Iíll get as far as I can today and knock-out the remainder tomorrow, and it looks like I can maybe cut north on some dirt roads to cut the teeth on my new beast off pavement.

As I descend out of the mountains Iím called down into a valley by a twisting gravel trail. I donít really know what Iím doing when it comes to piloting a big-twin dual-sport, but Iím intrigued... Iíve got the bike, the tires, and here I am! It wonít take too long for a little side trip. Just a test, and a little taste...

These tires are pretty gnarly! I know Iím gonna grind off these knobs all the way down by the time I hit Texas a few weeks from now. Iím not really riding hard enough to justify such aggressive dirt tires, but oh well! I hope to get more experience along the way, and maybe Iíll change over to the Scorpions for all this highway work?

The suspension on this machine is amazing! Iíve never ridden a bike like this before (Ďcause there really isnít another bike like this! Ohhh, KTM...)

Damn itís hot, like jumping into a oven as I fly down, down, down. The landscape is getting flatter and dryer; yup, itís Nevada. I stop for lunch and a trip to Napa Auto Parts for chain lube and a gallon jug for extra gas. The attendants offer some advice on which dirt ďshort-cutsĒ I might try. Okay, Iím developing a route that will take me a little further on the highway before I head 80 miles north on some scenic dirt roads to connect me to I-80 which will put me parallel with Salt Lake City for tomorrow. Roll out!

Damn itís hot. Iím getting kinda bored and sun-dazed on these straight roads, but I can always day dream about riding my KTM. ;-) Oh wait, I AM riding my KTM!!! Sweet...

The next gas stop is Austin, Nevada (I think, is that right DaddyBigDaddy?) where Iím filling up my tank and the jug (just in case!) for my first big dirt odyssey on the Orange Beast. Iíve probably only ever seen a handful of KTM Adventures on the road (or anywhere for that matter), it strikes me as a highly exotic and rare motorcycle (part of the reason I like it so much! ). Actually I only recall ever seeing ONE before I discovered ADVrider, and now it seems like I see them all the time, but itís probably just virtually over in Orange Crush. So as Iím about to suit up and hit the road what do I hear approaching? The distinctive rumble of a LC8: a black 950 Adventure! Two KTMís in a one-horse town at the same moment.

Kenís bike got violated (which isnít even his bike, or some such nonsense). Free advertising for me!

The really ironic thing is that we were both traveling the same direction, a few minutes lost or gained in either direction and we wouldíve probably never seen each other as I was only five miles from hitting the dirt. Naturally both our bikes are sporting ADV stickers, so we chatted a bit and DaddyBigDaddy talked me out of a solo dirt mission and into riding due east with him to Ely, Nevada where he intended to drink margaritas. Okay! I was pumped up for some dirt, but this sounds like fun, and itíll be nice to ride with somebody for a while, especially another sweet KTM Adventure! Off we go, more pavement pounding...

Stopped here for a drink and a tee-shirt (which has a plot twist for later!)

Yes, there were camera sightings, and we have photographic proof.

Riding away from the sun is nice, itís pretty out here with all the nothing, but the road is kinda boring. Sigh... more KTM daydreams I guess! I doubled the mileage on the bike today. Suh-Weet!

Woooo, a long couple of days for sure. It turns out the night life in Ely Nevada can be pretty exciting with a little effort...
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