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Originally Posted by Captain Canuck
Thanks Guys, I guess i'll just give it the shoulder check on the way by next week. We are unsuported to La Paz - so we don't have alot of time to explore.

Speaking of routes to explore, those two mining roads north of Catavina. The area looks spectacular on Google earth. Possible route to Sea of Cortez????

Last year saw moto tracks up the El Ronoso Arroyo when we went by. If we got gas I might sniff up there a bit.

Yeah, I think I know where youre talking about. That road about 5 miles north of Catavina. KInd of takes off to the north at first then winds its way slowy eastbound after quite some miles and Y's, then gets pretty nebulous. Sniff if you want since you have the gas, but about halfway though its going to be rough as hell before it literally almost dead ends into bushwhack and very nebulous single track if its the same road that I'm thinking of....dumps you just south of Puertecitos. Its alot of first/second gear work too. Definately a hardman type ride for sure.

You might consider prerunning it in your Beaver

Its been a couple years, before my GPS days, and I'm glad I did it, but I can pretty much say that I probably wont ever do it again. It will beat the hell out of you. ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS, then plenty of deep soft pillowy sand in very narrow tracks. I remember one particluar very gnarly hill climb, you dont wnat to biff it because its narrow and steep drops on both sides of the line. Yeah, you will get a few million of those little hair like thorns all over your arms in the narrow sandwash as well. I think it took us (3 of us) about 9 hours, but we had some issues with flats, case cover punctures from rocks, getting lost up wrong dead end canyons and backtracking, then trying another way through.

However, if you pick the correct way its supposed to be something like 75 miles or so to Puertecitos. Sorry I cant be of more help, the guys I was with knew the line (but no GPS) and we still got eff'd up a few times. But yes the route does exist and it is spectacular, but most of what you will notice is the rocks in front of you! I havent talked to anyone who has done it recently so it may be a bit easier now, but who knows?
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