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The night in Ely (preface: DaddyBigDaddy is crazy!):

First off let's get some "extra" booze...

DaddyBigDaddy trades his new shirt from the Owl Cafe for a vintage Netscape polo from a random guy on the street. Everybody wins!

Let's party! I only gamble with my life (motorcycle) and career (classical music), not with real money, but it was fun watching Ken.

24 hour diner in the casino, excellent! (and $2 margaritas, oy...)

"Dude, where are the escorts?"

This guy was a local who showed us the "hot-spots" and invited us to his house to party it up some more. ADV SALUTE!!!

Bar hopping. Hot-ex-con-meth-head-bar-tender-moms apparently live in Nevada... DUH!!!

How the hell do you work this &*#^&@(*#& thing?!?

Oh man, we were outlaws that night. The pirate/harley gathering at the same hotel couldn't hold a candle to us so they went to bed leaving the two of us on the rampage in the streets. I haven't partied like that since college, I don't know where DaddyBigDaddy keeps his energy reserves at his age; he was an animal. Dude, I'm glad we bumped into each other, that was crazy fun!

Damn, if this is any indication of what kinda trouble my new KTM will get me into this should be a fun ride, eh?

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