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Friday at Goler Wash

orange bikes in the hands of wanna-be-nOObs....brokenspoke could not believe who's coming up

it's zing creeping up on his fully loaded gsa and not knowing what's ahead

going over Goler and saving gas at the same time

dang sito made it look easy and fooled a lot of nOObs , i see a little wheelie here huh

brokenspoke on a 530 got me fooled too..this is his 2nd year pretending to be a nOOb!

the bike tells me this guy jeff is not a nOOb

nOOb's first mistake is buying an orange bike

not sure if justin made it through but it looks like he was heading to the wall

eggroll's first attempt

he made the second attempt but...........

ended up knocking a bike parked above, so i don't think it counts

redbulladdict....our fearless leader and i will not make a comment...

davebro....looks good on this picture and maybe someone will post the next sequence

but for sure he broke his shifter lever on that attempt

i had a good start too

oh crap, now my nOOb status just got extended by another year..

trailtrick out of nowhere showed up..
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