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The travels of a transplanted Tiger or "does my cell phone work here"

Many incredible thanks to the Redbull for starting what appears to be a snowball effect. I will return!!!!

Headed out to Death Valley early Friday morning for the great n00b Valley Rally. Rode out Solo. As the once Great Borat used to say."veerry nice"

Found some lonely roads. Yes;; in California.

Time for a Rest Stop

Now I am happy.

What the......???

Crap.... And I thought it wasn't going to be very crowded..

Looks like a parade is about to start.. Prolly just a bunch of rocks rolling down the street. "Note mandatory mirror shot"

Just so as not to get too far off track. I will try and keep pace with others on this thread.
It's not the load that breaks you down,....... It's the way you carry it.
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