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Open from skyline to bedford


Just got back from a nice little 30 min ride up from Skyline to Bedford noticing how ugly the double track looks. I rode up with the rear tire howling in protest thinking that I need to try a different tire and thinking how nice a sunny day is in So. lucky I am to live here and to ride this beautiful land.

Anyway, as I rode, I noticed all the new barricade work that has been done over the summer to prevent everthing but foot or bicycle traffic on the single track, and just past the new long ugly barricade system are signs posted welcoming you telling you stay on the single track. By the way, you can only get there if you are walking or if you carry your bike over. I guess they do not want the dual sport crowd riding on these trails any longer. It has occurred to me that if they are blocking the single track to prevent me to ride my motorcycle on this sacred ground as I have for 20 years, let's just get together and close the damn moutain...I mean clear off the freakin' towers, the radar, the fencing around all this mess. Then since all of this is gone, we will not need the gates or the roads. And if all that were gone and there is no need for accessing the mountain, we will not need the forest service to patrol up there and they can go look for another job. Smaller government oversight.

The point I'm trying to make is if they're trying to keep the land beautiful for future generations, let's just fix everything back to a virgin-like mountain and let no one go on the mountain. Who do they think thy are opening and closing the gates at their discretion to whomever they allow to use these trails and what kind of vehicle you can ride there.

Maybe we can get together with the forest service and have a gate opening day with the dual sport crowd and show them we can be responsible on the trails and have a nice singletrack system like they have in the Bass Lake area. It survives just fine!

Your thoughts?


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