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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
That's funny stuff right there. I almost dropped by to say hi but figured not to un-announced. Anyway, I figured you might be in 'the city' today. I ran up 60 to Turners Corner, north on 129 to Helton Creek, passed the falls, crossed a few little creeks, then south on 348, got the tag (albeit a late tag!) then down 75 Alternate back to Turners Corner, down 60, down 9 to Dawson Forest to gather info for the next Ride Report like the Lanier one I did.

Bummer we all missed each other.
Hey Flux! What would've been real funny is if we all showed up there at the same time. It would've been a race home to see who could get the pic uploaded to this thread the quickest!

You should've stopped by. Don't worry about the unannounced part. Peggy is here most of the time and I am usually back in the big city on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

You missed the big Suches excitement.... there is a fire burning on the other side of black mountain. The smoke is pretty thick today. A helicopter has been picking up water from the small lake (I believe it is Woody lake) on 60 and flying over the mountain to dump it. Hopefully the fire will be under control soon. It is like a forest service ranger convention up here.

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