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Originally Posted by corybaby
... the trail up modjeska grade is Santiago trail (according to google) and they (oc register) says that one is open,? question is : Is it open all the way to the divide and where does it connect with it? also is motorized ok?
There's a bit of a discrepancy between Google and the OC register map. The OC register lists "Silverado Truck Trail" as being closed, on Google it's called "Silverado Canyon Rd". Between that closure, the Maple Springs closure, and the Harding Truck Trail closure, legal access from OC to the main divide has been cut off for motorized access. Blackstar was closed in '87 to motorized access.

I have a hard time believing that the limiting of motorized access from OC is not intentional. I'd be pretty coincidental that the only roads that haven't recovered just happen to be motorable. The "Silverado Truck Trail" closure is a prime example, it's a relatively short section linking to the main road network, and it's surrounded by opened roads! The only tenable reason for the closure is to cut off access to motorized vehicles.
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