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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Bill Blue has a 330cc big bore kit for just under $500 and is working on a 350cc kit, you can check it out here:

I got the Mikuni pumper carb from him and it's very nicely modified to fit the KLX250.
Thanks for the post, GB. To be honest, I wanted to do that, but I was afraid I'd be afoul of a "RULZ" if I did.

Sleeves and gaskets for the first 4 engines are here, order for the pistons is in this week. First 3 engines will be for testing, then I believe Bill's plan is to intially have 24 conversions available.

To answer one question I've seen, this big bore kit requires no mods to the cases. Your cylinder sent in, sleeved by Bill, then you get it back with the rest of the stuff, to do in your garage. We should be able to have jetting recommendations available, since there will be 3 test bikes.
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