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Originally Posted by shleppy
Sounds like you are pretty clued in on these trails.. but for those who are not sure where these trails's the skinny..
  • Harding truck Trail - Status - closed to all users. Fire road starts at the end of modjeska canyon road (near the bird sanctuary) and heads up into the Santa Anas where and eventually intersects the main divide and Maple springs road. This fire road was closed to vehicle traffic (inculding motorcycles) before the fires and will remain closed to vehicle traffic even after all the closures are lifted. This trail is normally open to bicyles, hikers and equestrian use but it took a beating during the fires and is not even open to foot traffic right now (even after most of the closures were lifted).
  • Santaigo Truck Trail - Status - open to hikers, bicycles and equestrian use. This fire road is very popular with mountain bikers and was closed to vehicle and dual sport traffic prior to the fire and will remain that way. (The entrance is gated off and there is a motorcycle barrier a few miles up the fire road so even if you decide to poach this trail you will either be beaten into a pulp by mountain bikers or you will hit the barrier). This fire road starts at the top of modjeska grade and heads east south/east up towards saddleback peak about 6 or 7 miles where it eventually transitions into a single track trail (the joplin trail). This single track trail eventually connects to the main divide about 2 miles below Santiago Peak. Even if the joplin single track trail was open to motorcycles you would have to be a world class trials rider to ride it. It's very loose, rocky and narrow and is pretty challenging even on a mountain bike.
  • Blackstar Canyon Road - Status: Open to hikers, bikers and horse traffic. Was closed to vehicle traffic prior to the fire and will remain that way. This is a fire road that starts at the end of the paved section of blackstar canyon road (which intersects Silverado Canyon Rd). Where the pavement ends and the fire road starts there is an industrial strength gate. No way in hell to get around it. Blackstar Canyon road (fire road) heads up hill towards Corona and intesects the main divide just north of Beeks Place. The intersection of Blackstar canyon road and the main divide is gated and locked (has been for years)
This is awesome! So, could you possibly do the sam sort of list of the roads that are open so that we can stay on the right roads and not ride ourselves right out of a great place to ride? Thanks!
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