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I tried, but I failed.

I'm not sure what's worse. Wet leaves, wet rocks, or wet Georgia red clay.

I found the church, and headed west. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain and I was on the Harley. Some of those hills were getting pretty tough to get up with 145lbs, of torque, 500 lbs of bike, and no traction. So I walked to the bridge. No motorcycle in the pic, no count.

I did have the satisfaction of having a completely mud covered bike and leathers though. I saw a couple of hunters/ hikers and they were thoroughly confused as to what I was doing there.

I need to put the KTM motor back together. It would've been cakewalk.

So it's still wide open. I'd go get it tomorrow, but I'm still on the same bike, and I'm sure that road is going to stay muddy a long time.

I'm nailing the next paved one.

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