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Originally Posted by The Dude Himself
Happened to me once. Found it down the street, in the neighbors yard. Parking brake catch gave way, it nearly made a new entrance to this dude's basement.
That was my first thought--but there was no sign of damage to the car across the street, and none of the towing places has it. Plus I was sleeping in the room next to the driveway, and never heard anything.

Hope it turns up, or doesn't. The insurance doesn't cover the whole loss, but likely works out better if the car isn't found. When it is, it's usually got some damage that won't be repaired unless it's out of your pocket.
I think we have decent repair coverage. And we'd get almost the whole value for a replacement, but the value's not much on a 1996 Saturn with 100,000 miles.

It was purple, in case anybody sees one...

That was my exact reaction when I realized the kid's bike was gone.
-- scott
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