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Originally Posted by Brian500R
it didn't say that in the thread title/first post of the thread, and what about the "how old are you" thread? is the number of years i've been alive motorcycle related?
agreed, it doesnt say that. otherwise I woulda called ya out on it. I just thought that was funny, maybe ironic?

and no, im not saying that those insane 1/4 mile monsters arent badass, I wouldnt have anything to do with em personally, and its just ridiculous to have a honda anything made into a funny car. a fiberglass body over a racer should look cool, not like a family car!

I do have to agree with DAKEZ, the music in those type of videos is usually over the top bad.

btw, you know youcan post more than one video in a single post right? or are you just tryin to get your postcount up?

either way, youre here, you have a cars suck avatar, so I assume youre a decent guy, just a lil mixed up in some odd car things, which just makes me wonder about the "cars suck" avatar - maybe like seeing a "imports suck" bumpersticker next to a Harley sticker, on the back of a toyota.
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