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Originally Posted by Skippii
I don't even have the friggin grips yet!
This was going to be a simple relay install so my 12V socket will turn off with the engine....and I haven't even reached the wiring yet!
I'd like to Nominate Suzuki for the WORST FUCKING FAIRING DESIGN IN THE WORLD!
Not only does the fairing come off in 20 pieces, each held on with 10 completely inaccessable and easily stripped screws...they fucking GLUED and MELTED the peices together once they'd screwed them on!

If they're going to make a V-strom fairing this fucking complicated, WHY THE HELL COULDN'T THEY AT LEAST NOT MAKE IT LOOK UGLY AS SHIT????

Well, after a few more hours yesterday, and another hour this morning, I've got it all put back together.
I've got about 12 screws left over..a rather scary amount, and no idea where they go. I say "about", because I kicked over the dish with all the screws in and now I've only got 6 left, but I know there were twice as many as before.
Actually, I think I know where 2 of them go, but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend another 6 hours working on the fairings just to put those two damn screws in.
Hopefully, they're not important.
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