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Originally Posted by Longerday
Anyone here ridden the 606? What can i expect for milage on the pavement?
Lots of us run them. Think I got about 4,000 miles out of my last one, but a lot of that was pavement running on a long trip up to the northwest; but there was a decent amount of Colorado dirt (rocks) too. It was pretty shot by then; center knobs probably down to roughly 1/8". Normally I'd say 3,000 miles is more common, lots of hard dirt and pavement mix, but it's way used up by then. Lots of folks would change them before that.

Tire wear is a very personal thing, depends so much on terrain type, throttle control, riding style, etc... oh, and how willing you are to ride with short center knobs. But overall I have been very impressed with the 606 as a dual sport tire. Always a bit surprised how well it sticks on the road, particularly the rear tire. The front is not quite as inspiring on the paved twisties, as say a TKC80, but then it is better in the dirt than the TKC so pick your poison.
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