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It's a short cut, really
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Word is that Yolo put $100K into maintenance from the reservoir eastward after last winter,
but doesn't plan to continue upkeep. Rayhouse Rd/CR 40 is to remain gated and un-patrolled.
What I saw would confirm that. The road west of the ridge doesn't look like it's been maintained at all.

That's OK with me since it's not too difficult to find a work-around for the west gate. The problem with this is that I'm sure it involves just a bit of riding on land belonging to someone.

It will just limit this road to serious dirt bikes in the future since getting a GS or other big bike over the west end will be "interesting"

Hopefully it won't turn into another Willow Springs road where the residents will call in and report your use. Since it remains an official County Rd. maybe that can't happen.

Too bad since it's a nice peaceful ride.
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