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After the great ride over Mil Potrero/Cerro Norestre, we started our desert romp through the Carrizo Plains. This was wide-open, lonely, beautiful country, with high mountains flanking the desert valley.

Wes heading towards a steep sandy hillclimb.

You can spot the Hi-Viz from anywhere. He almost made it to to the top!

Beautiful views looking back east at the top of that same hill.

Rest stop at a cattle fence in the middle of the Carrizo Plains. This was a phenomenal route section. We were standing up, elbows out a-la "Neduro", huge rooster plumes of dust behind the bikes, throttles pegged in 5th gear, feeling for all the world like Marc Coma and Cyril Despres. Days like this keep me feeling alive for a long time.

Light falling at the end of the Plains, the sunset illuminating the surrounding hills. The road we were on dead ended in the middle of the Plains, and we had to do a little cross-country desert riding to find the main road out to the highway.

DRZ in the Carrizo sunset.

We were sure that this sign couldn't refer to the two of us on dual-sports. Of course not

After making it out of the Plains at sunset, we blasted over the next set of mountains to San Luis Obispo where we took the only hotel of the trip, as it was cool and rainy, and we were feeling well and truly beat up. After a dirt ride like that through the Plains, I'm pretty sure we set a few DR/DRZ speed records on the twisty paved highway over to the coast. Nothing like riding loose sandy hills to increase your confidence on the tarmac!

An iPhone shot of our celebratory Mexican dinner at Pepe Delgado's (sp?) in San Luis Obispo. I would sell a kidney for good Mexican food in Canada. Great, classic lime margaritas on the rocks wash away the desert dust very well indeed!

I think we sent these photos back to our wives and kids at home, with the caption that read something like "Trip sucks. Totally boring. Wish I were back home " What will be even better, of course, is repeating a trip like this when our two boys are big enough to join us. Can't wait!

This is my boy back home on "his bike". I'm sure he can't wait either. Now if I could only get a street-legal plate on the CT70...

Remainder of the trip report coming soon. Thanks for reading so far!
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