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Well, I didn't see anyone at the Banco store - could have been because I was late - 10:06 by my watch when I got there.
Went through the ford at Criglersville, over to Aylor and up to Ruth Mountain Fire Rd thinking that I'd intercept you guys at the intersection. Waited until about 11, didn't see anyone so I came back down to Aylor. I figured that if you guys had gone up Quaker Run that would likely have given you time to get down there, there were no tracks so I was sure you hadn't come by. My tracks were the only ones through the stinky mudhole.
Oh well, next time. I didn't post that I was going to come 'cause I wasn't sure I'd get out today.
Hope you guys had a good ride. I plugged in the heated jacket on the way home!
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